Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Powerful Government = Less Freedom for People

Egypt seems to be melting down before the world's eyes.  But over the past few months there have been similar outbreaks of civil unrest in Greece, Tunisia, Albania, and many other countries.  Is the world coming to an end?  Possibly.  But the more probable cause is a geopolitical vacuum that started building before the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama as the President of the United States.

It began when candidate Obama spoke to adoring throngs of people at a rally in Germany.  Many people in the U.S. questioned why a presidential candidate in the U.S. would hold a rally in a foreign country?  German citizens aren't allowed a vote in the U.S., after all.  But the appearance of having such international charisma (serving to allow people to believe someone with no foreign affairs experience would be able to charm the world into peace) was just too good an opportunity for the campaign to pass up. 

Soon after the election, photographs of Obama bowing to every foreign leader he encountered adorned the covers of  magazines the world over.  Obama spoke to the masses in Egypt, in the arrogant belief his charm and charisma would serve to let Islamists know that this was a New America.  Islamoterrorism would have nothing to fear from the new world order, because the Progressives "understood" the situation.   That if the U.S. were just nicer to Hamas, Al Queda, Chavez, Castro, Greenpeace, etc. they would cease acts of terrorism and murder.  And who better to bring the world together?  After all, Obama had a Nobel Peace prize! 

Fast forward to today...  Rioters have ripped the heads off of ancient mummies in the National Museum.  Hundreds of Egyptians have been killed in the rioting so far.  The Muslim Brotherhood is applauding the violence in Egypt, proclaiming this to be the natural outcome of regimes that support the U.S., and promising more violence in other Arab nations.

What should be clearly understood by everyone, however, is something every previous President knew inherently; that a weak global superpower creates a vacuum.  Something will always fill the imbalance created.  So far that something has been comprised solely of despots, dictators, terrorists and thugs.  It's the natural order of things. 

The Obama administration believes that there will be peace when the U.S. is de-developed and third-world countries have a higher standard of living.  Trotsky, Marx, Lenin and Stalin all wrote similar naive platitudes.  And what, beyond the 80 million people killed in communist purges, do they have to show for it?

The arrogant ignorance of today's Progressives are to blame for much of the world's current chaos and violence.  These unfortunate people rioting in the streets continue to be victimized by the people and governments that "know best" how to manage things.  And as long as these elitists keep the masses poor and hungry, the masses will willingly accept any change proposed to them.  Just ask Adolph Hitler...

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