Friday, February 18, 2011

Public Employee Labor Unions Should Be Outlawed

Q: What do Michael Moore, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, the AFL-CIO, and the SEIU all have in common today? 

A: Supporting anarchy and encouraging the skirting of due process of law.

There has been a huge amount of inflammatory talk flung about in Wisconsin for the past few days.  The President is using words like "assault" to characterize the Governer's attempt to bring a bill up for vote in an attempt to deal with the state's budget gap.  Jesse Jackson is calling this a "Martin Luther King moment".  And Michael Moore is, well, being Michael Moore.  (Plus he heard about all the great pastries they have in Wisconsin and wouldn't miss it for all the tofu in Hollywood.)

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised.  We did elect a man whose entire experience consisted of being a community organizer. But surprising or not, this blatant effort to incite class warfare is deplorable.

Michele Malkin stated it well in an op-ed piece in today's Washington Examiner:

This modest call for shared sacrifice has triggered the wrath of the White House-Big Labor-Michael Moore axis. On Thursday, President Obama lamented the "assault on unions." AFL-CIO and Service Employees International Union bosses dubbed Walker the "Mubarak of the Midwest" while their minions toted posters of Walker's face superimposed on Hitler's.

Moore goaded thousands of striking union protesters to "shut down" the "new Cairo" while the state's Democratic legislators bailed on floor debate over the union reform package.

Does this sound like the language of people who are concerned with truth, justice, or the betterment of society?  More like rhetoric designed to evoke strong emotions, while distracting people from the truth. 

In the real world that most of us inhabit, employees have to contribute to their health insurance costs and their retirement savings plans.  We don't have collective bargaining agreements that allow for pay increases simply based on our tenure. 

She continues:

Yes, the so-called progressives truly believe that bringing American union workers into the 21st century in line with the rest of the workforce is tantamount to dictatorship.

Yes, the so-called progressives truly believe that by walking off their jobs and out of their classrooms, they are "putting children first."

If ever there were proof that public unions no longer work in the public interest, this is it. Big Labor dragoons workers into exclusive representation agreements, forces them to pay compulsory dues that fatten Democratic political coffers and then has the chutzpah to cast itself as an Egyptian-style "freedom" and "human rights" movement.

And that is the question that all Americans should be considering.  Is it fair to the rest of society that Big Labor leaders should be allowed to garnish wages from their members, protect them from the public against accountability for their job performance, then give millions of those dollars to political parties and candidates that promise to protect the empires they have built? 

After all, it is the PUBLIC that foots the bill for all of this.  We don't have a choice.  The law dictates that we must pay our taxes.  It's not like the rest of society where the consumer has the ability to do their business elsewhere.  If you are able to afford private education you're free to make that choice.  But you'll still have to pay for your local schools. 

Maybe the tax-paying public should form a union to protect their interests?  A union consisting of laws that do not allow employees of the public to collectively bargain for OUR money.

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