Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Union Bosses Are Stealing From Union Workers

Doug Ross wrote an intersting article in The Washington Examiner about unions and their workers.  He provides a common sense view of the state of unions today, and explores the sordid past of Richard Trumka.

Take a look at his logic and share this with any union members you know. 

Mine workers -- According to a study by the United Mine Workers of America, a new EPA rule cracking down on "airborne toxins" could cost 250,000 workers their jobs.

Steel workers -- The United Steelworkers wrote last August that the EPA's new environmental regulations would cost "tens of thousands" of union members their jobs.

Farm workers -- Legendary unions like the United Farm Workers are threatened by oppressive EPA regulations ranging from oversight of spilled milk to dust kicked up by farm equipment. By making farming more expensive with onerous regulations, fewer dollars can be spent on workers' salaries and benefits. Layoffs of union members will be the inevitable result.

Labor -- For at least a dozen years, certain powerful union bosses have advocated open borders policies. In 2000, the AFL-CIO's bosses have "called for blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants."

And today, despite high unemployment, leaders of big unions like the SEIU still pursue the same policy of "comprehensive immigration legislation" (i.e., amnesty). This could cost union members hundreds of thousands of jobs as lower-wage workers displace American citizens throughout the economy.

When you get your next paycheck, take a minute to calculate how much money is going to union dues (say, for example, $90). Multiply that by the number of pay periods per year (say, 26). The total (in this example, nearly $2,500) is going to line the pockets of the union bosses who will give your money exclusively to one political party, Democrats.

Your money -- the product of your labor, of your finite time on Earth spent working -- is being stolen and funneled to the same political party bent on destroying you. The EPA is destroying jobs. The Department of the Interior is destroying jobs. The Department of Labor's open borders advocacy is destroying jobs.

All of these immense bureaucracies, which you pay for with your taxes (more money stolen from you) are targeting union workers, America's backbone. And these gigantic government regulatory bodies are doing so with the full knowledge and assistance of the union bosses who support Democrats.

And, just for a moment, consider how poorly the biggest labor leaders have performed. In 2009 alone, private-sector unions lost 10 percent of their members. Let me repeat that: In a single year, 10 out of every 100 folks like you were terminated, thanks to a failure of leadership on the part of union bosses. Worse still, these horrible results occurred the same year that government borrowed a trillion dollars from future generations for so-called "shovel-ready" construction projects.
Instead of saving up your dues for extra unemployment insurance or improved benefits, union bosses are helping fund the EPA, the Department of the Interior, rampant illegal immigration and other policies that will continue to destroy union jobs.

If you want to save this country for yourself and your children -- to save this country from rampant deficit spending, insane immigration policies, nightmarish environmental regulations -- you need to ignore the bosses whose mansions and boats you're funding with your hard work. You must throw out the Democrats bent on destroying you and your family.