Saturday, October 16, 2010

If Islam is Truly a Religion of Peace, Muslims Should Denounce Terrorism

As we hear the testimony of the service people who were victims or witnesses of the Islamic terrorist attack at Ft. Hood, the sequence of events seems to leave little doubt as to what happened, and why.  Major Nidal Hasan clearly appears to be a US born Islamic terrorist and intended to die while carrying out his jihad, believing this would glorify Allah and earn him instant entry into paradise. 

In three days of testimony, twenty-nine witnesses have appeared in the courtroom or by video link. They have all given substantially similar accounts of how the rampage began, saying Hasan fired into a crowded waiting area and then walked around the building, shooting people as they hid under chairs and tables, pausing only when he needed to reload.  But it bears mentioning that the psychiatrist initiated his rampage by standing up in a processing center, and didn't begin shooting until he yelled "Allahu Akbar!" — "God is great!" in Arabic. 

Nidal Hasan

The Obama administration immediately issued statements that were intended to cloud the issue, and Obama has consistently maintained his love fest with Muslims since then.  From condescending and naive statements about being at war with terrorists and not Islam, to foolishly weighing in on the new Islamafacisct monument being constructed at Ground Zero, Obama defies logic by refusing to acknowledge that there are a great many people of the Muslim faith who want to bring death and destruction to America.  The people killed that day are no less dead because of Obama's elitist ideology. 

The majority of Americans have grown tired of this facade.  We don't want a government that tells us what a valid concern is, or is not.  We want a government that exists for our protection.  And this whitewash of the truth is an outrage.  If the Obama administration wants our trust, then they will need to be candid with the facts.  

And if there are Muslims that don't want to be confused with jihadists like Nidal Hasan, they would be well advised to self-identify by denouncing cowards like him, and all terrorists and terrorist acts. 

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