Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Michelle Obama "Keeping Spirits Clean Around Us"

Why do Progressives always have a problem with any reference to Judeo-Christian religion, unless it's uttered by one of their own?  What if a Conservative candidate or official had said the same thing?  I can imagine some diatribe about seperation of church and state, demands for an investigation into who paid for the trip, and a lawsuit filed by the ACLU within minutes.

This is called intellectual dishonesty.  Wikipedia provides this definition:

Intellectual dishonesty is dishonesty in performing intellectual activities like thought or communication. Examples are:
  • the advocacy of a position which the advocate knows or believes to be false or misleading
  • the advocacy of a position which the advocate does not know to be true, and has not performed rigorous due diligence to ensure the truthfulness of the position
  • the conscious omission of aspects of the truth known or believed to be relevant in the particular context.
Rhetoric is used to advance an agenda or to reinforce one's deeply held beliefs in the face of overwhelming contrary evidence.[1] If a person is aware of the evidence and agrees with the conclusion it portends, yet advocates a contradictory view, they commit intellectual dishonesty. If the person is unaware of the evidence, their position is ignorance, even if in agreement with the scientific conclusion. If the person is knowingly aware that there may be additional evidence but purposefully fails to check, and then acts as though the position is confirmed, this is also intellectual dishonesty.
The terms intellectually dishonest and intellectual dishonesty are often used as rhetorical devices in a debate; the label invariably frames an opponent in a negative light.
The phrase is also frequently used by orators when a debate foe or audience reaches a conclusion varying from the speaker's on a given subject. This appears mostly in debates or discussions of speculative, non-scientific issues, such as morality or policy.

"It means all the world to us to know that there are prayer circles out there and people who are keeping the spirits clean around us," First Lady Michelle Obama said.

This is not language that is clear to many Americans.  And it likely bothers them greatly that she would choose to read that in the same sentence of the teleprompter as discussing prayer circles.  Even people that don't consider themselves to be "religous" were probably mildly uncomfortable, at least. 

However, it makes perfect sense when you consider the intellectual dishonesty that is being displayed.  The people in the room applauded because they wanted to believe whatever she had to say.  But the American people aren't nearly as foolish and gullible as the elite left believes them to be.

A crucial element of the groundswirl that is happening in America today is the demand for intellectually honesty.  The future of our country is depending on it.  And I will be here to hold our government officials, elected or otherwise, to account.    

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